Kitsch in Furniture

The definition of “kitsch interior” emerged relatively recently, and it means the category of new-fashioned interiors. The basic idea of kitsch is a mockery of history and artistic traditions, tastes and styles. This kind of nihilism in the architecture, which denies all her previous achievements. This is when the outright bad taste becomes the principle of choice, but beating is not reciprocity in the eye color and interior – the main feature of kitsch interior. For example, gilded stucco work on the roof on a bright blue ceiling – large bright stars, the walls are symmetrically tubs with palm trees, and the floor is covered with ceramic tiles with oriental motifs.

Generally, as a rule, a favorite theme of style kitsch are pseudo-architecture and interiors. Pointed towers and turrets of country cottages, in the abundance of “decorating” such works, narrow Gothic windows in combination with modern blinds and roller shutters and a corresponding interior: a huge “chivalry” parlor is decorated with electric fireplace. All this is typical kitsch, but not ironic, but serious. When the host is not something that does not notice the fakes, he is sure that they give the impression of the originals.

Room decorating


Kitsch chairs

 Kitsch chairs

Jimmie Martin is a young british designer who works on classic french pieces of furniture to give them an even more opulent but kitsch style :

Tulip wardrobe


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