Decorating Inspiration: Black & White Room Design

I love black and white rooms. Some people in my life have suggested that to have a non-color room, is an indication that I have “commitment issues.”
They may have a point there, I have a hard time committing to colors because I may get tired of them someday. I'd rather use color sparingly, in fabrics and artwork, accessories and that's it.

What I love about having a neutral room is that you can change it with the seasons. For example, from September through Thanksgiving, just go crazy with orange accessories for Fall. At Christmas, all the orange is replaced with red. For Spring for example, it may be all about that bright turquoise blue that’s so popular now.

I like bright blues right now and according to color theory, lighter blues represent creativity, and who couldn’t use more of that in their life?

One of the most debated issues about color is whether black and white are actually colors at all. Different people will give different answers as to how they perceive the two opposing colors. Regardless of whether they are or not, when used together, black and white compliment each other perfectly in modern homes.

Like the Yin and Yang of nature, black and white interiors offer a harmonious balance.

Whether on their own or together, these two contrasting non-colors make a bold statement!
Browse our gallery to see lots of combinations:

Elegant Black And White Bedroom Design Inspiration :

Below are some of contemporary bedroom design inspiration from the northern Italy based furniture manufacturer Presotto Italia. All bedroom displayed in black and white color combination :

Elegant Black White Dining/Living Room Ideas :

Opulent Bedroom with Classic Design Ideas – Resembles a Room of a Monarch black luxury beds design with traditional style :

There are no limitations in front of you. 
Let what’s inside of you inspire you. 
You will rise with the end result and triumph with an exquisite masterpiece.

To be continued..........!!!! 

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