Bugatti Vita Juicer - Juice in Style with the Bugatti Vita Juicer

Sold exclusively at Harrods, the Bugatti Vita Juicer designed by Habits is the company’s latest release in high-end, high-style appliances.  The Bugatti Vita Juicer is as functional as it is beautiful.  Within the walls of this sleek silhouetted juicing machine, lies a powerful motor capable of juicing the most difficult of fruits.  

Equipped with two large press cones, the Bugatti Vita Juicer can hold up to .6 liters of juice (the equivalent of a 20 fl.oz. bottle of Coke).  The unique construction of the Bugatti Vita Juicer allows for the juicer to tilt 60 degrees for maximum juice extraction.  

It also allows you to pour yourself a nice cup of juice.  As I mentioned above, you can purchase the Bugatti Vita Juicer exclusively at Harrods for £149.00.

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