CSX 9000 Daytona Cobra Coupe MKII From Shelby Costs A Cheap $89K

Your wallet will definitely go lighter if you are a dedicated collector and if you happend to stop by Shelby’s to have a dekko at the new CSX 9000 Daytona Cobra Coupe MKII. But we are told that this roadster at $89K is far cheaper than the other six original Daytona Coupes which are expected to bring in $7million at an auction to be held at the end of this month.

Please understand that this modernized version of the legendary Coupe can never be the actual car it tries to imitate but it undeniably has it own identity of a cool, sporty car. The car also gets the CSX 9000 series chassis number and place in the esteemed Shelby World Registry.

The performance is good too. It includes improved cooling, modified air intakes behind the rear windows and an improved suspension to give you an extra smooth ride. The touch of the modern is evident with the larger interior, exterior door handles and power windows. So far, Shelby has thought of manufacturing only two of these evermonth. The orders can be placed at their website.

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