Dolce & Gabanna Gold Restaurant and Bistro

Dolce & Gabanna Gold Restaurant and Bistro - A Look at D&G Gold Restaurant and Bistro

Italy’s Milan is home to many of the worlds most respected fashion houses.  To set themselves apart, Dolce & Gabbana has stretched their design empire into the world of fine dining with their unique concept restaurant and bistro, Gold

And as the name suggests, the entire restaurant is beautifully decked out in the warm amber hues of gold.  Gold staircases, gold walls, gold chairs, gold lights – anything, you name it, is probably gold.  Perhaps not real gold, but gold colored nonetheless.

Inspired by the color, the two designers wanted to create a light reflecting space that made guests feel warm and invigorated.  Gold boasts an amazing Italian/Mediterranean menu made with only the finest of ingredients that includes meals like a john dorey fillet with white asparagus, and olive oil hollandaise sauce, and a piedmontese beef fillet with zola butter, potatoes, and baby red chicory.  

If you’re not in the mood for dinner,  you can visit Gold’s coffee room, cocktail bar, or even its small food shop.  For a group of two, expect to pay well over $150 for a three course meal.  Since I’ve yet to make my way to Dolce & Gabbana’s Gold Restaurant, I wonder if they play Sting’s “Fields of Gold” on perpetual repeat?

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