Gift Idea: E-Mirror Brings iPhone to Bathroom

 E-mirror  is the latest creation of Kristall –Form, a Germany based company.  The newly introduced e-mirror brings music to your bathroom and also acts as a glamorous mirror for your dressing room. By replacing the conventional light bulbs with LEDs it almost creates a halo and is designed by reflective specialists of Kristall Form. 

It is pleasing to ardent music lovers as well as appealing with its design and sleek looks. The classy first mirror is compatible with an iPhone and iPod docking station and turns your whole bath room into an ethereal space thanks to LED illumination besides entertaining. Most probably, technology of waterproof keeps it safe from the splash of water. The eco-friendly design is more than a decoration. It is very attractive to geeks with its multifunctional aspects as well as it makes an ideal gift for the Christmas.

It is the Apple certified first mirror, and is harmoniously agreeable with iPhone and iPod dock. The mirror is smoothly curved and the sides of the mirror have twelve LED lights offering better surroundings, you will have perfect clarity of sound with two hi-fi, HP stereo speakers.  The gadget can be kept dry with the help of remote control for your bath room songs which functions with 3V lithium batteries. You can carry the mirror easily wherever you want or get it installed in your bathroom.

The mirror comes in three color options (pink, black and white). It is priced at $325, which is not much to pay for an attractive and sleek gadget. According to your preference you could order vertical or horizontal unit. It would take three weeks for the delivery of item.

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