Handcrafted 1953 Ferrari 375 America Coupe Goes Under the Hammer

There is something really attractive about old cars, and especially coupes. if we were to talk about Coupes, we should remember that during the 1950s, they were pretty much the staple fare of Hollywood movies and inspired many people to buy one of them in order show the world how glamorous they are. 

Now, you could also prove that you are cultured and sophisticated by purchasing the Handcrafted 1953 Ferrari 375 America Coupe. It would be auctioned off by RM Auctions and it is one of the 12 that were originally 

Enzo Ferrari created this car out of great pressure and his efforts were fruitful. Howard Keck, Giovanni Agnelli, and Franco Cornacchia have all owned this famous car and it was also featured at the 1954 Geneva car show. Pinin Farina, Ghia, Touring, and Vignale have been associated with car’s design and when it first went on sale, it fetched $10,000. Now it is expected to fetch about $1.75- 2.1 million at the auction.

The car accelerates from 0-100 km/ph within 7 seconds and comes with a speed limit of 257 km/ph. If you love cars and always wanted something that could tell the world how aristocratic you are, you probably should go ahead and buy this. There is nothing that should stop you from being such a col and luxurious car, and that too a heritage vehicle from the 1950s. So you should really go ahead and get this car when you still can otherwise, you might miss a great opportunity.

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