Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich Now Valued At $17 Billion

One of the most flamboyant and richest names in Russia, Roman Abramovich, has for the first time has given an insight into his mass fortune, that is now estimated at a whopping $11 billion. The Russian oil magnet, who is also the owner of one of the most renowned football clubs in the world, Chelsea, had to declare his assets and worth due to his current election campaign. 

As per the reports, Mr. Abrmaovich own an astounding array of 16 homes, along with $116 million in 22 bank accounts. Apart from his property assets and the liquid capital, the Russian oil magnet also owns a fleet of some seven cars, including a standard Volkswagen Golf.

In the year 2010, Roman Abramovich became the owner of the world’s biggest megayacht, the Eclipse, that has been designed with the most luxurious features and state of the art security systems along with a massive price tag of $ $400 – $800 million. As per the declaration, Mr. Abarmovich currently owns seven luxury apartments in Knightsbridge, London along with three properties in France, that include an estate in Chateau de Croe worth $48 million and an estate in Paris worth $90 million. 

Along with the properties in London and France, Roman Abramovich also own a 200 acre ranch in Colorado, that has been estimated to have price tag of $40 million, with a an 11 bedroom mansion. Apart from the properties and yachts, Mr. Abramovich also owns a fleet of three Lear jets and a Boeing 767-300, that has been termed as the most expensive jet in Russia.

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