Your Shining New Titanium iPhone Case From Brikk Could Help Hunger Elimination

Brikk, a name renowned across the globe for its high end designer accessories that are made from some of the most rare and exotic metals on the planet, has now come out with an all new range of Titanium iPhone cases called ‘Trim’

These gorgeous and extremely reliable cases not only carry elegant designs, but to their Titanium heritage, your precious iPhone remains safe, tucked in one of these cases. Apart from its luxurious line of accessories, Brikk is also widely considered to be a philanthropist entity, which has yet again been established with the ‘Trim’ series. 

The company has announced that from the sales the Titanium cases for Apple iPhone, a sizeable portion of the proceeds will be invested in donating about a metric ton of rice to a number of NGOs that are struggling to work towards the elimination the hunger woe that has plagued numerous third world nations across the globe.

The incredibly stunning Brikk ‘Trim’ Series is composed of iPhone cases that are forged in 98% titanium, considered to be one of the strongest metals on the planet. To ensure that these fabulous cases retain exclusivity status, Brikk has stated that each of these cases will be manufactured on the basis of order received. 

Furthermore, the titanium cases are carved into shape using a wide range of precision machines and as the Apple iPhone 5 announcement loom just around the corner, Brikk is also working on designing titanium iPhone 5 cases. Each of the ‘Trim’ series cases are said to carry a price tag between $3,000 to $4,500  and the customers will also be able to select from gold, platinum, gray stealth and black diamond carbon fiber for finishing and make of their iPhone cases. The charity initiative from Brikk to end the hunger crisis, is currently focused on the African nations, while the company has stated that other countries will also be considered to be taken into the program.

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