DMC Creates a Kit to Transform your Lamborghini Aventador to Molto Veloce Special Edition

At the very top end of the luxury car market a customer can be quite fussy about what the car looks like. There are agencies and design houses that work exclusively on the external aesthetics of a car. Let’s take the case of Lamborghini Aventador which has been launched recently. The creative agencies have jumped in to modify its aesthetics. The design of the luxury car has been inspired by Boeing. The first version with tweaked external aesthetics was called the J Aural Assault Aventador. Now there is news that there are other design houses that have joined the creative initiative. DMC, the German design house has created another avatar for the Lamborghini Aventador, by naming it the Molto Veloce special edition.

The German design house has developed a kit which includes not only some additions for the exterior but it also has additions for the standard engine of the car to enhance its performance. They have introduced some dramatic changes to the exterior of the car. The most prominent change is the carbon fiber spoiler sword and the front spoiler lip. The original design of the car exterior was quite rugged but one must admit that these frontal additions go a long way in stabilizing the luxury car. The new skirts add to the rugged look of the super car. The original design of the car could have faced aerodynamic challenges at high speeds. The new additions to the car will help it stabilize further and improve its performance at high speeds.

trans DMC Creates a Kit to Transform your Lamborghini Aventador to Molto Veloce Special EditionThe carbon fiber diffuser and the additional tunnel system on the rear end helps the rear axle and further adds to the stability of the car. The changes to the engine are not that radical but an experienced driver can feel the positive difference to the overall performance of the car. The major alteration or addition is the 12 single intake throttle plates on the 12-cylinders of the engine.

The electronic load pressure control system with its new wiring circuit also gives additional power to the explosive engine. DMC is planning to make the kits available at selective retail stores but they would prefer if the owner can bring his Lamborghini to their outlet in Switzerland or Germany for refitting. ADV1 is their retail partner. The additional body components have been priced at $25,888 and additional features for the engine provided by the kit would cost you $106,215.   
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