Northern Song Dynasty Porcelain Bowl Fetches $ 27 Million

An extremely rare porcelain bowl of China smashed its presale estimation, which was expected to fetch around $12.9 million. The 900 hundred year old bowl earned approximately $27 million in a season’s sale in Hong Kong. It was grabbed by an unknown telephone bidder. The price of the bowl sets a new record in the world of ceramic which is a piece come from Northern Song Dynasty. 

According to Nicolas Chow, Sotheby’s Asia deputy chairman, the porcelain bowl is the greatest masterpiece ever made available in Hong Kong. It is a piece of Ruyao, which is the most sophisticated ceramic achievement ever created in Chinese ceramics. The bowl is the cause of enormous excitement on the market. Eight people had competed in the bidding process for the rare flower shaped bowl. Experts say it is a testament to the growth of Asian market over the years.

The fabled type ceramic has drawn the attention of bidders world wide and particularly from Asia. Intense bidding took place for over fifteen minutes. Nobody had expected it would be a phenomenal one. “Ru” ceramics is one of five kilns from the Song with only 79 pieces which mostly remain in museums in the world. The “Ruyao Washer” features opaque glaze and organic floral shape. Sale tops 2008’s auction for Guan Mallet Vase belonged to the same period.

It is a private collection from Japan. The desirable piece has remained in private hands. Hong Kong came out as one of the biggest spots for auctions after London and New York. There is a demand for Chinese art pieces in recent years by rich Asian collectors. The Taiwanese usually pick extraordinary pieces from Chinese art to raise their collection.

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