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Born in Romania, Ligia Fiedler is a Timisoara (Romania) based Fashion Designer.

Ligia defines her style as "feminine, extravagant, elegant and chic".
Everything and everyone can be an inspiration in her creation. The muses of the dresses she creates are very often the modern girls of all ages, fashionistas that are open minded, dare to dream and want unique, custom-sewed clothes.
There was no question as to what to do after school graduation, she wanted to have her own business in the fashion industry. First she studied Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Timisoara and after that at the Fashion Design and Textile Arts at the Faculty of Arts, also in Timisoara.
Ligia is open to collaborations. :)

~The only limits to our future are those we impose on ourselves...~


2009-2010 - Exhibition "The rhinoceros of Eugene Ionesco" :
- The Opera Theater, Bucharest
, Romania;
- "Artis Gallery" of the Regional Museum, Slatina-Olt
, Romania - November;
- French Cultural Center, Slatina-Olt,
Romania - November;
- University Passage, Bucharest
, Romania - December;
- Metropolitan Center of Culture for youth, sect.1, Bucharest
, Romania - March;

2008 - International Art Salon, "Requiem of a bloody Christmas", 8th. Edition, Brasov, 

2007 - International Art Salon, "Requiem of a bloody Christmas", 7th. Edition, Sibiu, 

2006 - International Art Salon, "Requiem of a bloody Christmas", 6th. Edition, Timisoara, 

2000 - Exhibition of fashion designs, "Personal Diary", Club Frog, Timisoara
, Romania;
- Exhibition of fashion design "Le Dragon Blanc", French Cultural Center of Timisoara
, Romania;
- Participation to the international fashion design contest, "New Skin", Domus Academy,
Milan, Italy;

1999 - Exhibition of fashion design and cartoons, "Eclipse", Caransebes, Romania.


I thrive on challenges and obstacles. I find factors that are considered barriers are merely in existence for people who want to conquer their curiosity behind the next door that gets put in front of them. So it's up to the individual to decide if they want to excel in their own personal satisfaction and open up that door and take the risk or simply remain satisfied with the minimal challenges in life and watch that opportunity pass them by.
"Great accomplishments come with great risks"

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